Cathy enjoys providing half-day and full-day experiential workshops where participants can more fully learn about themselves through activities, discussion, and creative expression. Some workshops she has conducted in the past include –

  • Staying in Our Hoops – Learning About Boundaries
  • Conflict and Confrontation – In Healthy Ways
  • Managing the Heat – Learning to Deal with Anger
  • Forgiveness – A Gift to Myself
  • Breaking Free from Shame
  • Single – for the Holidays
  • A Fence? A Gate? Or a Wall? Discerning How and When to Set a Boundary
  • Self Care? Selfish? Self-Less?
  • Finding Peace with My Body
  • Creative – Me?? Finding My Inner Artist

Cathy’s workshops are held at A Sheltering Tree, or, if you are part of a group or agency which could benefit from one of Cathy’s workshops, she is willing to talk with you about bringing the workshop to you.

Upcoming Workshops

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