Add “attending one of Cathy’s retreats” to your bucket list. It’s a wonderful, soul-enriching experience. One participant who returned from Cathy’s retreat to Maine – Discovering Myself – in New England –summed up her experience, “This retreat had all the right ingredients – fellowship, friendship, travel, beautiful scenery, delicious food, and a chance to grow in knowledge and grace. I’m already planning for next year.” Yes, all of those are ingredients in one of Cathy’s retreats.

For years, Cathy has planned week-end retreats for groups in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Now, she has expanded into week-long retreats into beautiful New England and spring retreats into mountain areas such as North Carolina and Tennessee. These retreats offer participants a chance for soulful connections with themselves, nature, and other seekers.

Cathy has a gift for helping participants feel at home with her, with one another, and with the group. Connections are made and memories are created.

Past Retreats

Sacred Circles

Fall 2016

Whitehead Station, Maine